Crowd Wise is made for situations where a black and white choice just isn’t possible: where you want to harness the knowledge and imagination of everybody, not just the usual suspects; where you need a decision that reflects the views of a whole community.

Crowd Wise lets everyone contribute their ideas, and helps find the consensus about what should be done. Already tried with everyone from Football League clubs, to an arts festival, to a national charity, Crowd Wise has helped all sorts of people make decisions which are fair, sensible and have the broadest possible support.

Crowd Wise works best when:

  1. a decision needs to be taken that will affect a
    range of stakeholders

  2. you want to involve the stakeholders

  3. there may be polarisation on the issues, however
    not outright conflict

Crowd Wise should be chosen because it is:

  1. a well-defined and tested process

  2. a results-driven approach: there will be a shared decision

  3. motivating and enjoyable, because it is so participative

  4. flexible: it can be run as a single 2–3 hour workshop or over
    several weeks or months, as needed

  5. straightforward to run: no complicated technology needed