Welcome to the Crowd Wise website:
the home of participative decision making!

If you are looking to take shared decisions that are likely to be acceptable

to everyone involved, then Crowd Wise is for you. 

It is a participative method for taking shared decisions that uses

a combination of consensus voting and constructive dialogue in order to:

  1. overcome differences

  2. find common ground

  3. reach more productive outcomes


Crowd Wise is a tested and flexible format, which can be used for a wide range of issues and decisions. It can work as a single event, or over a period of time; it can work for 15 people or 1500; it can be used to set priorities, allocate budgets or respond to a consultation.

Please click here to learn about the great work that has carried out, funded by The Royal Academy of Engineering in order to inspire public engagement with engineering projects.

If you want to find out about Crowd Wise in more depth than this website can convey, contact:–

Perry Walker
M:    07858 750936

“Ensuring the voices of thousands of supporters were represented in our decisions on membership was not easy. Crowd Wise helped to ensure a major, complex decision was taken in a truly participative way. We're confident that both the process and the final outcome were just right for us and wouldn't have been possible without using Crowd Wise”. Harriet Lamb, CEO, The Fair Trade Foundation