Here is how the Crowd Wise method can be implemented in practice through four easy steps:

STEP 1  

Starting with an open question, which could be anything from ‘what should we spend our money on next year’ to ‘what’s the best way to tackle urban poverty?. A range of options is developed, as opposed to just two alternatives:

A range of options is considered
as opposed to just two alternatives:

Options can be pre-developed or
defined as part of an event.


An initial Consensus Vote takes place - stakeholders rate the options according to their preference:

Results from this initial phase are counted and recorded.

STEP 3  

  1. options are now discussed constructively amongst stakeholders (this process can take place over 2 – 3  hours or a much longer period)

  2. the discussion can be structured in different ways depending on the issue at stake and the number of stakeholders involved (groups representing each option ‘pitching’ their point of view to others in turn; a pre-assigned spokesperson for each option talking to the different groups, etc..)

  3. understanding amongst all parties increases; there is openness to other people’s point of view

  4. as the discussion progresses, options start to get modified or merged to reflect growing consensus


    1. a second Consensus Vote helps identify where consensus lies

    2. the final consensus option frequently draws on several of the
      original options

    3. We often find that everyone is happy with the final solution!